Brychan "Tredurn" Lewis, Glamorgan Street, Brecon

Luc Janssen of Belgium contacted us on 27 June 2016 to ask for help. Luc writes: "I'm looking for any relatives of Mr. Brychan "Tredurn" Lewis. He lived in Glamorgan Street in Brecon and was a soldier in Belgium during the Second World War. He stayed at the home of my grandparents and mother (Catharina Knaepen) during winter of 1944.
After my mother died in April 1992, I searched for a little while but couldn't find anything about him. So I put his picture in a box and forgot about it. I recently rediscovered the photo and was wondering, since there's the internet nowadays, if you could help me with this. Maybe his relatives would like to have his original picture (see scan below)". Contact Luc Janssen by email at

Brychan Lewis

Tredurn HouseBLFHS Webmaster John Ball remarks:
The date "14-9-44" is written in pencil on the top corner of the back of the photograph. From the address given on the back of the photo it is clear that Tredurn is not Brychan Lewis's name but that of the house in Glamorgan Street where his family lived.
A search of the entries for Glamorgan Street in the 1939 Register ( shows only one Lewis family, living at No 4 Glamorgan Street, which bears the name "Tredurn House" (see photo, right, from Google StreetView).
The Lewis household comprised Robert Lewis (57), Supt School Attendence Officer for Breconshire, his wife Margaret (45), their children Margaret (16), Mary (14), and possibly Robert's sister Annie (54), a National Health Insurance Clerk.
This is almost certainly Brychan Lewis's family: his parents and sibling, and possibly his aunt. The record for one member of the family—perhaps Brychan himself—is closed. The image below shows the relevant page from the 1939 Register.

1939 Register

Above: 1939 Register – Entries for part of Glamorgan Street [image from]

If you can provide any further information about Brychan Lewis, or any living members of his family, please respond by e-mailing the BLFHS at and Luc Janssen at

Request submitted 27 June 2016

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