The BLFHS Website is in Hibernation!

This BLFHS website is undergoing a major upgrade and redesign. Although the current website is still accessible to visitors and members as normal, it is not being updated or modified in any way while the upgrade is in progress. The upgrading process commenced on 30 April 2017, when the website entered its "frozen" (unchanged) state. It will remain in this state until the new version is launched, hopefully by the middle of the summer.

You can read about the reasons for and background to these changes on our NOTICEBOARD.


In this section of our website we bring you the latest news about the Breconshire Local & Family History Society, and about new developments in local history and family history in general. In order to keep this news page a manageable length, every month we move the older news items into our News Archive.

Where have the older news items gone?
We have moved all the older news items into our News Archive. We repeat this process monthly in order to keep the current news page to a manageable length.


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