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General Notices

Major Changes to Website

John Ball, our current webmaster, decided to stand down from that position and from the Management Committee with effect from the June 2017 AGM. John was a founder member of the Society and set up and has managed the website since its launch in 2011.
Even a brief look at the website provides evidence of the immense amount of work that John put into its development. The website is well organised and much of its content is produced by John himself. This has involved hundreds of hours of work and the Management Committee is most grateful for the time and effort he has spent on this task, notwithstanding his other contributions to the Society.
In January, when John gave notice of his intention to step down, Hilary Williams (Secretary) was tasked with finding out how we could replace John – no mean feat. She contacted Jennie Williams [Advisor to Webmaster] about how we might proceed. We agreed that we could not expect John’s successor to put in the hours that he has devoted to the website.
Jennie suggested that the answer would be to convert the website design to a Content Management System (CMS). Amongst other advantages, using CMS would mean that members without knowledge of HTML coding could be trained to put content onto the website, so sharing the load.
Jennie agreed to be in overall charge of the website, as its new webmaster. This change will be put to members for confirmation at the AGM in June.
For Jennie to convert the present website to CMS, it became necessary to "freeze" the current website for a number of weeks, until the conversion was complete. The website entered this "frozen" state on 30th April 2017. During this period of hibernation, members and visitors can continue to access the current website as normal, but no new items are being placed on it, no old items are being removed, and no amendments are being made. Items of Society news and our monthly Newsletters are being emailed directly to members as and when necessary.
When the newly designed website is up and running, members and visitors will be able to access old and new data, as before. Members will be kept informed by email of progress with the upgrade, and of course will be advised when the new website is up and running. Access to the member’s section of the new website will require a different username and password from those currently in use; members will be informed about this in time for the launch.
I hope that everyone understands the need for this change and will bear with us until every section of our website has been converted to the new CMS website platform.
Best wishes,
Hilary Williams
General and Members Secretary

"Handball - The Story of Wales' First National Sport"
by Kevin Dicks

Published by Y Lolfa, March 2017

In industrial Wales, Handball (or Pêl-law) was the predominant sport, drawing crowds of thousands to watch the game. Handball player and former miner Kevin Dicks's meticulous research traces the games long history.
BLFHS member Carolyn Jacob remarks: The book includes information about the Brecon Castle Fives Court and an advertisement, from 1786, for a match, 'Brecknock against all Britain'. There are also two poems by John Lloyd about hand-ball and lamenting the passing of the famous Castle Inn Ball Court, 1847. Breconshire [is mentioned] on 12 pages. Entertaining stories about the game and its characters.

Publication details, purchasing information and a more comprehensive description of this new work are available on the
publisher's Press Release (PDF format).

"Historic Houses and other Historic Buildings in Brecon"
by Robert Eckley

A NEW publication produced with the support of
Brecon Town Council and the BLFHS

Using his own photographs, BLFHS Chair Robert Eckley recently created a new large-format profusely illustrated book on the historic buildings of Brecon (town). For each building bearing an information plaque, Rob's colour photographs are supported where necessary by his transcription of the text on the information plaque. The 62-page full colour publication retails for £9.00 (£8.00 to BLFHS members) plus £2.50 p&p.

To obtain your own copy contact Rob Eckley at

Brecon 1901 Project

Launched 6 September 2016

The purpose of this 1901 year-long project is to create a dynamic portrait of Brecon as it was in 1901. The outcome should be two new BLFHS publications, an exhibition, a public presentation of what the town looked like in that year. Your participation is welcome. Every idea, every bit of research, every contribution will add to the picture. Here is a PDF format bulletin giving some ideas together with contact information for the project organizers. A sound file of the project launch by Helen Ball and Alison Noble is available here as an MP3 file.

Have a go at our Brecon 1901 Quiz! Click here to download and print out the quiz sheet [answers available here]. Email any comments on the quiz to Helen Ball at

1901 à la Carte: BLFHS members can enjoy Helen Ball's illustrated presentation on how to use the 1901 census to paint a picture of Brecon town in the final year of the Victorian era. The link provides access to a sound recording and slide presentation from Helen's talk at the Society's meeting at Brecon Library on 7 Feb 2017 .


Forthcoming Events

A Walk Around Historical Brecon

Meet at Brecon Library - Tuesday, 2 May 2017 at 2:00pm

A guided walk around the town of Brecon, led by BLFHS committee member Margaret Sommers.

BLFHS Annual General Meeting

Brecon Library - Tuesday, 6 June 2017 at 2:00pm

At the AGM, Members will elect the Management Committee for 2017-18. Following the AGM, Rob Eckley will present Photographs of Brecon Past and Present, an illustrated talk using old photographs of Brecon and selections from his own collection of modern photographs.


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