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Gwenddwr and Crickadarn Independent Chapels: Baptisms 1824–1837

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Introduction to the records
Beiliheulog Chapel This register contains entries from Beiliheulog Chapel, Gwenddwr (right), and Hebron Chapel in Crickadarn village. Beiliheulog Chapel has its origins in the seventeenth century when dissenters’ meetings were held secretly in remote places. These meetings led to the chapel being built in 1790 near Beiliheulog farm, high in the hills above Gwenddwr village. The congregation grew quickly to 150 members by 1712, but by the nineteenth century membership had waned. A daughter chapel, later called Hebron, was built in Crickadarn village in 1812. As it was more accessible, Hebron became more important than the mother chapel. Both chapels were still in use in the early twenty-first century but had become different denominations.

Beiliheulog mapHebron Chapel

Above: Late 19th century maps showing location of the Congregational (Independent) chapels at Beiliheulog (left) and Crickadarn (right)

The BLFHS Transcription Group recorded the data from digitised images of the register surrendered to the General Record Office when civil registration began in 1837. The entries are written in a published register for dissenting congregations but the writers ignored its format. The amount of information in the entries varies; none gives the place of baptism, whether at Beiliheulog, Crickadarn or at the parents’ home.

For an illustrated history of the chapels see the Welldigger blog.

Our Transcriptions
The register has been transcribed as seen, except that:

Spelling mistakes and variants of names e.g. Lydai, Havart have been retained.


Below: Examples of pages from Chapels register


Transcribers' Marks

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CAUTION – It is always advisable to verify transcribed data by studying either the original documents, or facsimile images of the original documents.


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