Maps of Llanafanfawr

The map below shows the entire parish with boundaries and is based on an OS map from the 1940s, and adapted from the version produced by Kain and Oliver for their work "Historic Parishes of England & Wales":
[KAIN, Roger J. P., and OLIVER, Richard R. (2001) "Historic Parishes of England & Wales", History Data Service, University of Essex, Colchester. ISBN 0-9540032-0-9]

Map of the Llanafanfawr parish

To download a larger version of this map which will printout well on an A4 sheet of paper, please click on the map.


Google Map (covering the same area)


You can find a modern interactive Ordnance Survey map of the same area, on the website.


Where's the Path

Another excellent online map tool is Where's the Path which shows a Google Map and a Ordnance Survey map side by side. Zooming in on the Ordnance Survey side shows a lot of detail including house and farm names. To search for Llanafanfawr, click on the 'binoculars' icon (top centre of page), enter the place-name BRECON in the search box and select relevant match from resulting drop-down list.


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