Current Progress

The BLFHS Transcription Group is working hard to make available to members as many Breconshire church and chapel records as possible. The map below, showing all the parishes in the county, is colour coded:

      • Pale green indicates the parishes with transcribed records now available.

      • Pale orange indicates the parishes with records currently being transcribed and prepared.

      • Unshaded parishes are those whose records are not currently on our list for transcribing.

The transcribed records for the parishes of Brecon St John, Crickadarn, Llanafanfawr, and Llanelly are available to the public here.
The transcribed records for other parishes are available only to members. Click here, log on, then select the relevant parish. When the chosen parish page is displayed, click on its Parish Records button.

Full details of which particular records have been transcribed are provided here.

Transcription progress

Breconshire Parish Transcriptions on BLFHS website and in preparation

Transcription progress

Reminder: It is worth searching parishes other than the obvious ones. Some ancestors would travel miles to a preferred chapel or church, particularly for important ceremonies, and others went to the nearest church, rather than the one in their home parish.


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