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Our Transcriptions
The records have been transcribed as seen, except that surnames are capitalised to aid searching and dates have been standardised to a simple form and are always at the beginning of an entry. Spelling mistakes and variants of place-names e.g. Henery and Lanwrtud, have been retained.


  • The order of information has been changed when transcribed into the spreadsheet to help users.
  • A Notes column has been added to the spreadsheet for extra information provided by the writer, or to give an explanation for the user.
  • The penultimate column of the spreadsheet gives the page number of the register.
  • The final spreadsheet column (shaded pink) gives the identification number of the scanned image from which our transcribers worked.

Transcribers' Marks

  • Anything enclosed in square brackets has been added by a transcriber.
  • [Illegible] or [illeg] is used to show that a word or number could not be read at all.
  • [?] indicates that part of a word (more than two letters) was illegible.
  • [] indicates that one letter could not be deciphered.
  • A word enclosed in square brackets indicates that the word (or number) is obvious from the context.
  • A word enclosed in square brackets with a question mark indicates an educated guess: e.g. [Brecon?]
  • Notes or comments added by a transcriber to help the researcher are also enclosed in square brackets.
  • [n/e] indicates that the original document has no entry in that column.
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