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Our Transcriptions
The register has been transcribed as seen except that:

  • Surnames have been put in capitals to help searching.
  • Dates have been standardised to a simple form and are always at the beginning of an entry.
  • Pertinent information has been extracted and information such as the repeated ‘County of Brecknock’ after every mention of Llanelly has not ben transcribed.
  • Abbreviated names have always been expanded e.g. W[illia]m and Ben[jami]n.

Spelling errors or variants of place-names, e.g. Keelhawey and Merthir, have been retained.
Abbreviated names have always been expanded e.g. W[illia]m and Eliz[abe]th


  • In recording the baptism of a child with unmarried parents the surnames of both parents are given in the child’s surname column.
  • An extra Notes column has been added to the spreadsheet for extra information provided by the minister, or to give an explanation for the user.
  • The penultimate column of the spreadsheet is the page number of the register.
  • The final spreadsheet column (shaded pink) gives the identification number of the scanned image from which our transcribers worked.

Transcribers' Marks

  • Anything enclosed in square brackets has been added by a transcriber.
  • [?] indicates that part of a word or number (more than two letters or digits) was illegible.
  • [] indicates that one letter or numeral could not be deciphered.
  • A word or number enclosed in square brackets means that it is obvious from the context.
  • A word or number in square brackets with a question mark indicates an educated guess.
  • [n/e] indicates that the original document has no entry in that column.

CAUTION – It is always advisable to verify transcribed data by studying either the original documents, or facsimile images of the original documents.

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