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The Jones Family of Trefan Farm, Llanafan Fawr, Breconshire

BLFHS member Robert Price of Utah, USA, wishes make contact with anyone interested in his research into the Jones family of Trefan Farm, Llanafan Fawr, Breconshire. If you can help, know anyone who may be interested, or wish to know more, Robert would be delighted to hear from you. You may e-mail Robert at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Robert writes:

In the early 1900's a descendant chart for Thomas Jones of Trefan farm, Llanafan fawr was made. My great grandmother Mary Ann Price née Margetts requested this chart from a relative living in Llanafan fawr at that time. Thomas Jones is Mary Ann's maternal great grandfather.
The chart below has helped me to find and document many of my Welsh ancestors. Thomas Jones died on 16 July 1819 at Trefan farm and is buried at Troedrhiwdalar Chapel graveyard. Today there are several descendants of Thomas Jones still living in the area. One descendant lives at Trefan farm today; almost 200 years after Thomas Jones took his last breath there.

Descendant Chart

Descendant Chart, Jones of Trefan
(Click on chart for full size image)

Winifred MargettsThomas Jones had a daughter Elizabeth who married Edward Price and they raised their family at Trefan farm. Their oldest daughter Winifred Price is my great great-grandmother. Winifred married Philip Margetts a merchant marine. When my great great-grandfather Philip Margetts died at sea his wife Winifred Margetts nee Price moved from England back to Trefan farm Llanafan fawr. She moved in with her widow mother Elizabeth Price nee Jones and brought four young daughters with her. The oldest daughter Elizabeth was five years old and the youngest daughter my great grandmother Mary Ann was less than one year old. I admire how my ancestors took care of each other in times of need. With death coming at an early age for many of my Llanafan Fawr relatives there are many examples of young children being reared by relatives.
Winifred Margetts died on 24 January 1912 at Penrhiwadalar Farm, Llanafan Fawr and was buried at Troedrhiwdalar Chapel graveyard. Her body was prepared for burial by her nephew Edward Price the undertaker of Beulah (the current undertaker of Beulah is a grandson of this Edward Price). Edward's journal states she was buried in a polished oak coffin & brass furniture Llanidloes complete. Shield engraved "Winifred Margetts died January 24th 1912 aged 88 years". Flannel Robe Troedrhiwdalar (buried) 5 pounds 17 shillings 6 pence.
My great grandmother Mary Ann Margetts lived at Trefan Farm from 1860 until about 1877. On the 1881 census she is a servant for the Thomas Price family of Pantoily Farm, Llangammarch. About this time she met my great grandfather William Price who at the time was living not far away at Cefn Farm, Llangammarch. William's family lived at various farms on the Epynt. His father was born at Merthyr Cynog. They were married in the Builth Register Office in 1881 and immigrated to the USA in 1882. My great grandmother dearly missed her native Wales and the family she left behind.
William and Mary Ann had eight children, four of whom married and had children. Today they have several hundred descendants living in the USA.

William and Mary Price 

I have always been proud of my Welsh ancestry. I believe my Welsh genes have helped me to be frugal, hardworking, and to enjoy the solitude of nature.
I have spent many years researching my Welsh family. I was able to travel to the area in 2009 and visit many important family sites as well as do some research at the National Library of Wales and Powys Archives and visit a few relatives. Through marriage I connect too many different families in that area of Wales. I have thousands of names of individuals from the Llanafan Fawr area. I am always happy to share what information I have. I can be contacted by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by snail mail at 551 N 500 W Lehi, UT 84043.
I have been helped in my research by many wonderful friends and family members; thank you one and all.

Request submitted 14 January 2012