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LANE of Pipton (BRE) – Update

Kevin Lane would appreciate help with his LANE research. If you can help or know of anyone researching his LANE family or any descendants of the family, he would be very glad to hear from you.
Contact him by e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Kevin says:

I have been researching descendants of the LANE family for some time.

James and Emily Lane were married on the 31 Mar 1859 in the registration district of Hereford and Dore. Both listed their residence as at Bewell Street, All Saints. James's father was John Lane, agricultural labourer. Emily's father was John Jones, carpenter and joiner.

In the 1861 and 1871 censuses, James's occupation was Toll Collector & Shoemaker, born at Staunton on Wye.
In the 1871 census, Emily's name changed to Emma and remained Emma for the remainder of her life; she was born at Kinnersley.
In the 1911 census, James and Emma Lane were in the Registration District of Hay, parish of Pipton, address Penlam, Llyswen RSO, County of Brecknockshire.
The 1911 census shows they had twelve children, eleven of whom lived into adulthood.
The children were: William James (born 1852), married Emily Vaugman; Elizabeth (born 1860), married Daniel Roberts; John (born 1862), married Margarett Mathews; Robert (born 1865); Edmund (born 1868), with no trace after the 1881 census (then aged 13); Edward (born 1870, died 1870); Harriet (born 1872), married Joseph Jones; Emma (born 1874), married George Lewis; Frederick (born 1877); Ruth (born 1878); Lillian (born 1880); and Letty (born 1884).
John and Margarett had four children: Elizabeth H., Esther A., William John (married Hannah G. Roderick in 1921), and Julia M. Their births were registered in Carmarthen District

James Lane died on 28 Oct 1915 as a Shoemaker, retired. His residence was given as Penlan, Pipton, Hay. The informant was his daughter Emma Lane, residing at the Greek Legation, 14 De Vere Gardens, Kensington.
Emma (Emily) Lane died on 16 Sep 1923, the widow of James Lane, a Shoemaker. Her residence was Penlan, Pipton, Hay. The informant was George Welch, son-in-law, of Little Eamis, Pipton, Three Cocks. I have not been able to find which of the girls he was married to and what children they may have had.

I am still hoping someone from the BLFHS may be able to put me in contact with a family descendant.

Request originally submitted 14 October 2011; updated 5 July 2012